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Weapons Detection Artificial Intelligence

 360 Protective Solutions partnered with Actuate to offer comprehensive access to a proactive and digital security response.  By providing a digital and human situational awareness system, most active shooter threats can end on the outside of a building while law enforcement response is enroute with real-time accuracy and information.  Actuate detects weapons as soon as they are visible on camera, flagging threats before shots are fired. This provides building security and law enforcement with precious seconds to address the situation.

The end result: increased response time, faster emergency warnings to building occupants, and saved lives. No new hardware required.



Proactive Response

React Before Shots are Fired
Actuate’s real-time threat detection system turns any security camera into a smart camera. Its built-in artificial intelligence automatically identifies threats such as intruders, vehicles, crowds, and brandished weapons as soon as they’re visible and immediately notifies security decision makers. This enables security personnel and law enforcement to respond to threats in real-time, before shots are fired.

Actuate also offers best-in-class intruder detection and advanced analytics, bringing the power of AI to all security tasks. Actuate is completely software-based and no additional hardware is required. The system integrates seamlessly with your existing video management system, providing your organization with an invisible layer of protection.



Our 360 Vision is sensible and simple. Why not stop the threat before entering our clients' facility? Our approach to a measured security response can end at the outside gates, fences, walls, or door using Actuate's smart A.I threat detection software using an existing camera system. Our Arcuri Group Situation Awareness Program and A.L.I.V.E Active Shooter Survival Training will complement Actuate's 99% plus accuracy capability of detecting weapons and other threats. This is only the beginning of what 360 Protective Solutions can provide to each of our clients.

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