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Shopping Center/Loss Prevention Security

Shopping Center / Loss Prevention

When selecting 360 Protective Solutions as your security partner, we are responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the public in a shopping center or mall as well as the tenants occupying the stores.


1. Ability to Respond:  360 Protective Solutions has the manpower and knowledge to handle emergencies. There continues to be a rise in critical incidents at shopping centers both across the United States and internationally.  360 Protective Solutions has additional resources that can be quickly deployed. With our services, you can reach the command center or senior leadership 24/7.


2. Reporting Procedures: Our clients receive real-time reporting and GPS tracking, order to stay on top of risk management issues. Incident reporting procedures also keep our clients aware of all serious matters.


3. Industry-specific Training: Providing security for a retail center is different than handling the security for other types of environments. Shopping center-specific training includes topics such as:
•    Disaster Response
•    Fire Safety Officer (FSO)
•    Terrorism Awareness
•    Defense Tactics
•    Management of Aggressive Behavior
•    CPR, AED, and First Aid
•    CCTV and Command Center Operations
•    Workplace Violence Prevention and Response
•    Pepper Spray (OCAT) and Handcuffing (PATH) Training
•    Organized Retail Crime (ORC) Awareness/Prevention


4. A program that adds Value: Consider all of the ways a security partner can enhance your security program from a long-term perspective. Determining the value, you will receive from 360 Protective Solutions requires an assessment of how their strategy will reduce risk, limit liability, and lower the cost of the entire retail center’s operations – not just the hourly bill rate. While it may be tempting to have an initial-price perspective, a better way to value a spending decision is to look with an eye towards how the provider can help you achieve all of your goals.


5. A customizable and proactive partnership: Before mapping out your security solution, 360 Protective Solutions first becomes knowledgeable about your property, your neighborhood, typical shopping traffic and a host of other important areas so that they can make appropriate recommendations. Our plans incorporate staffing levels, indoor and outdoor patrols, access points, security procedures, technology integration and other pertinent areas of concern specific to your property.

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