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Warehouse Security

Warehouse Security

Distribution/Logistics Security Services
360 Protective Solutions delivers customized logistics security solutions designed to expose security breaches, reduce theft, and shipping loss and damage. We offer a reliable, comprehensive, and professional logistics security service and will conduct security audits to identify threats to your facility supply chain.
360 Protective Solutions security guards protects your goods and facilities from fire, break-ins, and theft while at warehouses, distribution and loading centers. Security solutions can also include remote video monitoring and remote access control to ensure your center, property, and freight is protected. The 360 Protective Solutions team of experts will work with your facility managers to create the best strategy to ensure security for your employees and products.


Our guards are specifically trained in facility patrols as well as gate access control. Guards can be armed or unarmed and patrol in a multitude of ways from foot patrol to a patrol vehicle. Security guards will secure the main gate of the facility to check-in and out all visitors to ensure there is no unaccounted-for product leaving. We conduct full security patrols of both the interior and exterior of your facility.
Our guards have all had extensive training and background checks to ensure we are providing you with the highest level of professionalism possible.


The strength of your logistics and warehouse security program has a direct impact on your bottom line. You can’t afford to have a weak link in your supply chain.
Due to the layout of most distribution centers and warehouses, the large volume of inbound and outbound traffic, the activity inside and outside the facility, and the steady stream of people, products, and machines choosing the right security provider is a critical way to eliminate risk.

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