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Five Reasons Why Personal Security Might be Necessary

Security threats can come at any time and happen to people from all walks of life. No one is immune to possible threats. Some individuals are more prone to dangerous situations because of their jobs, reputations, or high-profile statuses. Personal Security Officers, Executive Protection otherwise known as Body Guards can often mean the difference between merely a tense situation and a full-blown security incident.

Professional security companies like 360 Protective Solutions understand the variety of threats people can face while performing their jobs or simply going about their personal lives. Our officers are specially trained to provide superior security and peace of mind to these individuals. By identifying and preventing security risks in the first place and adeptly responding to threats in progress, officers from 360 Protective Solutions can keep you safe and protected.

Hiring a private security guard can be a big decision. If you are unsure as to whether a personal security guard is a right choice for you, here are some reasons why you might need to hire security.

You Are a High-Profile Business Executive

Today, executives and corporate leaders are just as well-known as celebrities and sports stars. The constant news cycle and social media make business executives household names. This kind of fame can draw the attention of those who wish to gain something or cause harm in some way. During product launches or shareholder meetings, executives can become even greater targets.

“Security officers stationed at your place of business and with you 24/7 can keep you feeling secure so you can focus on your business.”

Your Business Just Laid Off Employees

It is an unfortunate reality that sometimes companies have to lay off employees. For employees who are impacted by the layoffs, it can cause extreme stress, anxiety, and financial and emotional hardships. Some may take the firing very personally and seek to take revenge on their employer. If you manage a business and have gone through termination in the workplace, it might be a good idea to hire security officers to provide additional protection in case a disgruntled ex-employee turns violent.

Security officers are trained to identify potentially threatening behavior, de-escalate tense situations, and work with law enforcement to respond to security situations as they unfold.

You Will Be Traveling Internationally

International travel can leave high-profile individuals exposed. The new and often uncertain environment can pose a variety of challenges and leave you open to unknown security threats. Celebrities, such as actors, athletes, and musicians, can be targets of obsessed fans or thieves who want to attempt to make a quick payday. The presence of security officers can often deter would-be criminals in the first place and ensure that stalkers and other criminals won’t get away with their crimes.

You Are Running for Political Office

In today’s political and social climate, politicians are more at risk than ever before. Politicians are frequently confronted by people who have differing opinions and make them known vocally and sometimes physically. Violent outbreaks are not uncommon in response to local or national politics. If you are running for office or currently holding a public office, it is critical that you take your security seriously. Hiring professional security officers can protect you from angry citizens who want to make their points known.

You Have Already Experienced a Security Threat

If you have experienced a security threat, you already know that you are not immune. It is more important now than ever before to hire a competent and reliable security service to give you the protection you need. Security officers can help to restore your peace of mind so you can go back to your business or personal life with confidence.

Leading Personal Security Guard Services

At 360 Protective Solutions, our business is protecting you and your property. We pride ourselves on our reputation for providing highly-trained and professional off-duty and retired law enforcement and military personnel and standard officers to clients throughout New York. Our security officers understand the types of threats that high-profile individuals can face, and they are prepared to identify and thwart those threats at a moment’s notice.

If you need personal officers to provide you with solid security protection, do not hesitate to contact the experts at 360 Protective Solutions today to obtain your free quote for services.

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