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New York Commercial Security Guard Services

Updated: Feb 21

Licensed and bonded in the state of New York, 360 Protective Solutions is designed to deliver highly trained and professional security measures to commercial property managers and owners of commercial office buildings. At 360 Protective Solutions, we understand that every piece of commercial property is an investment. The highly trained security personnel at 360 Protective Solutions are trained to protect commercial property in accordance with New York state and federal mandates.

Commercial Security Solutions

Commercial properties pose unique challenges to the security industry, especially in New York. These office buildings contain sensitive corporate data and at the same time can have a high volume of public foot traffic. A competent security officer who is able to professionally communicate to the public while at the same time manage an internal crisis and assess current threat levels will be a valuable asset to any commercial building.

At 360 Protective Solutions, we understand that our highly trained security professionals are often faced with difficult, on the spot decisions. However, we are fully confident that our security solutions in the commercial sector will be the appropriate response for any situation.

Our commercial security services and training includes:

  • Access management

  • Guest services

  • Lobby operations

  • Loading dock operations

  • Facility and Systems management

  • Fire safety and control management

  • First Aid and medical first responder

  • Incident reporting

  • Foot and vehicle patrols

  • Emergency preparedness

  • Terrorism and workplace violence preparedness

  • Control center operations

Highly Trained Security Officers

At 360 Protective Solutions, our security officers are highly trained and adaptable to any situation. 360 Protective Solutions hires from a self-motivated, highly adaptive pool of former law enforcement, former military and security professionals. 9/11 changed the commercial security industry forever and our extensive training program builds upon the lessons learned that day. 360 Protective Solutions employs best practices developed through their leadership's extensive experience in the commercial security industry.

The Client Comes First

Every client's security needs are unique. 360 Protective Solutions is also unique in that the services we offer are customized to fit each client's specific needs. We do a full on-site assessment and then develop a security plan working in partnership with property managers and commercial real estate owners.

We have developed an innovative new security and hazard reporting system called 360TRAX. By employing this technology in coordination with our on-site security personnel, 360 Protective Solutions allows for property managers to focus on their business and leave the safety and incident reporting to us.

Partners With Local New York Community

All of our highly trained security officers are able to coordinate with every outside entity as a brand ambassador for our commercial clients. 360 Protective Solutions security officers can work effectively with all state and federal agencies as well as private citizens and companies. Security is a customer service driven industry with a lot of variables and factors.

Responding and assessing threats requires command and control as well as a company that will be there to provide answers in the chaos. The highly trained security guards at 360 Protective Solutions are professional, knowledgeable and ready to serve our clients and their commercial properties.

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