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Security Guards Impacting Retail Loss Prevention

Updated: Feb 21

Theft is one of the most common concerns amongst retail business owners. No matter what you’re selling or how vigilant your employees are, there’s always a risk that you will lose merchandise to theft. Not only does theft take a toll on your bottom line, but it can also contribute to security concerns for your employees and customers. To minimize theft and maintain a more secure environment in your store, consider the benefits of retail security guards in New York.

Retail security guards are trained to facilitate loss prevention in stores like yours. These professionals are equipped with the training necessary to identify potential theft and respond proactively to keep your merchandise, your employees, and your customers safe. Here are a few reasons how retail security guards can help with loss prevention:

  • Deterrence: The presence of retail security guards can be a sufficient deterrent to many would-be shoplifters. Seeing security guards in a store can give people second thoughts about attempting to steal merchandise. Even if your security guards don’t encounter much shoplifting in your store, their presence can still be very valuable in preventing shoplifting from occurring in the first place. Deterrence is the first line of defense for retail stores against shoplifting and merchandise loss.

  • Less stress for employees: Tasking your employees with security duties can distract them from their regular work and detract from their ability to deliver quality customer service. Hiring a security guard with the sole responsibility of handling your store’s security is a great way to give your employees the freedom to focus on their roles while ensuring your store is protected from theft.

  • Proactive security: Retail security guards in New York have the training necessary to proactively identify shoplifters and stop them before they get away with any merchandise. This proactive security can reduce merchandise loss significantly and help you save money on replacing stolen goods in your store.

  • Increase in stopping intruders and shoplifters: If someone breaks into your store or steals merchandise, it can be difficult to find recourse through local law enforcement reports. If you don’t have evidence that identifies the intruder, police likely won’t be able to find them and recover the stolen merchandise. Working with a company that offers comprehensive security measures, including security guards and video monitoring systems, increases your ability to successfully resolve the issue with the help of law enforcement. Police can use evidence from security footage to identify an intruder or shoplifter and pursue the case.

Retail Security Services in New York

If you’re interested in learning more about retail security in New York, reach out to 360 Protection Solutions. We have been proud to provide effective, professional security services to clients throughout our community for decades. Since we began offering our services, we have developed a reputation for our security guards' high quality and professionalism. Give us a call to find out more about our services and schedule a consultation.

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